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To Mormons, With Love
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About Chrisy Ross

I'm Christina Ann Ross, Chris to some, Chrisy to others. I live in a small Utah town near Salt Lake City. My husband is also named Chris — Christopher Alan Ross. People always ask if it gets confusing having the same name as my husband. Not really. We don't look alike.

We moved to Utah from Colorado in November 2002. We're not LDS, but we live in a town that's predominantly Mormon. People find this very curious — both friends of ours who are members of the LDS Church and those who are not. Simply put, we're happy.

I've been quasi-athletic my entire life and enjoy being outdoors. Living at the base of the Wasatch Mountains is a gift. Hiking, trail running, skiing, biking, or simply taking in the views, I'm at home.

Although I love to write, I'm not an expert on writing. I wanted to write a book, so I wrote one. My intention is to repeat the experience.

It seems many authors use their blogs to generously share advice on how to be a better writer. Because I, too, am striving to improve, I don't have much to offer. Take or leave the following:

On writing…

There's a book in any person who desires to write one.

We can all benefit from a writing class, workshop, or critique group.

There's an audience for every voice. The size of that audience might vary, but there is one. The challenge is finding both your voice and your audience.

There's value in soliciting critiques from others, but feedback must be balanced with trusting your own instincts.

Protect your determination from elitism — that is, the writing elite can make a person feel intimidated — you are worthy of achieving your goals.

Write. Read. The more you do of both, the better writer you will become.

Don't give up. It takes longer for some than others. I've run marathons, one step at a time. I'm not the fastest or most natural runner, but I did it. We can all write books, essays, short stories, and poems, one word at a time.

This blog will be mostly personal, much to my father's disapproval of such things. "I don't believe in blogs," he says matter-of-factly. "Why does a person feel the need to tell everyone everything?" I won't tell you everything, but I'll share some stuff.

I love email and comments. I open each one as if it's a pretty little package in my inbox. If you don't feel comfortable commenting or emailing, I understand that, too.

I'm the mother to three beautiful boys, Parke (19), Duke (17), and Redmond (11). Thank you for taking the time to visit.