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What People Are Saying
This book is so funny you will snort when you read it. Charming, caring and rich in humor – I love this book! There is no other book like this one, and Chrisy Ross is a natural storyteller.
Caleb Warnock, author of Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers

A big, funny bucket of love from a non-Mormon in our midst. Chrisy Ross doesn't skewer, she doesn't smite, she just tells it like she sees it. And what she sees is hilarious.
Matt Evans, Salt Lake County and Utah County Mormon, born and raised.

An irresistible story teller, Chrisy Ross is witty and insightful as she takes us through her cultural and emotional travelogue settling a non-member family into a Mormon "Mayberry." To Mormons, with LOVE is written with intelligence, humor, candor and humanity.
Robin Lee Roberts, a Mormon
To Mormons, With LoveWhen Chrisy Ross and her family moved to a small-town LDS community — one she affectionately refers to as Mayberry — she underestimated her readiness as a nonmember for what turned out to be a cultural immersion. Sure, she knew Mormons didn't drink caffeine (cough), and they never swore (double cough), but life with family-centered folks would be cozy and wonderful. She could smell the fresh-baked bread just thinking about it.

Join her as she honestly, humorously and lovingly describes her quest to find someone with a real panty-line problem, requests her LDS friends baptize her — after she dies — and considers her dad's suggestion to become a Jack Mormon. Although not a convert after reading the literature, Chrisy develops an understanding and respect for a widely misunderstood religion and has found a comfortable spot in her town, the community and the culture.